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Adrienne Cooper

Solo Recordings:

Enchanted (coming in 2010)

Ghetto Tango (2000)

Dreaming in Yiddish (1995)

Miscellaneous tracks:

Ghettoblaster: Socalled (2007)

The Klezmatics: Possessed (2007)

The Klezmatics: Jews With Horns (2005)

The Klezmatics: Rise Up (2002)

New Jewish Music: Live at the Knitting Factory (1999)

Shekhine (Frank London, 1999)

Performance Highlights

Carnegie Hall 2009, 2005

Concertgebouw Solo Concert, Amsterdam, 2002

Cracow Music Festival 1998 and 2005

Singer Festival, Warsaw 2006-2008

Ashkenaz Festival of New Jewish Music, since 2000

Holocaust Memorial Museum, Washington, DC, 2002

    Life Reborn DP Camp Reunion and the 2003 Gathering

St. Petersburg Klezfest 1998-2003
Kiev Klezmer Festival,  2000-04
Weimar Klezmer Festival,  2003-04
Jewish Music Festival Amsterdam, 1998-03

The Memoir of Glikl of Hameln, La Mama Annex

    and on international tour  1996-2000

Bread and Candy: Performing the Holocaust,

    Jewish Museum commission 1990

Songs of Paradise, Joseph Papp’s New York Shakespeare       

    Festival/ Public Theater; The Astor Place Theater and

    Amsterdam Jewish Festival 1988, 89

Discography & Performance Highlights

Featured soloist and anthologies:

Sol Sajn: Jiddische Musik in Deutschland und ihre Einflusse (2009)

Af di gasn fun der shtot:  Songs of Beyle Schaechter Gottesman (2003)

Yiddish Soul: Live at Yiddishkayt Los Angeles (2003)

Mikveh (2001)

In Love and Struggle: The Musical Legacy of the Jewish Labor Bund (1998)

Pearls of Yiddish Song (1998)

Hidden History: Songs of the Kovno Ghetto (1997)

The Green Duck: Songs for Children (1997)

Fire: The Flying Bulgar Klezmer Band (1996)

On Wings of Song  (1992)

Remember the Children (1991)

Partisans of Vilna (1989)

Kapelye on the Air:  Old Time Jewish American Radio (1995)

Vaserl: New Yiddish Songs (1979)

Upcoming & Current Projects