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Upcoming & Current Projects

Enchanted: New Generation Yiddish with Michael Winograd and ensemble

Three Yiddish Divas with Theresa Tova and Joanne Borts

Esn:  A Multi-sensory Performance

    Yiddish Food Songs with Participatory Cooking and Eating

    with Frank London and Lorin Sklamberg (of the Klezmatics)

Every Mother’s Son:  Songs of War and Peacemaking with animations

    by Mor Erlich/Mornography and composer/pianist Marilyn Lerner

Krankayt!  Hypochondria in Jewish Music (with Eve Sicular)

Shake My Heart Like a Copper Bell:  Anna Margolin -  A Life in Yiddish

    Poetry & Song (with Marilyn Lerner, composer/pianist)

Ghetto Tango (with Zalmen Mlotek)

Chagall’s Kaleidoscope (with actor and band)

    In his own words, Chagall’s early years in Vitebsk, St. Petersburg

    and Paris, with slides and songs in Yiddish and French Chagall’s

    Blue Cows &  Green Ducks: Version for adult and family audiences     

    Commissioned by The Jewish Museum, New York City

Concerts and Multi-Media Productions in Repertoire

Lost In the Stars: Jewish Song after World War II

    Songs in Hebrew, English, and Yiddish (with piano and percussion)

    Commissioned by The Annenberg Center, University of            


A Century of Yiddish American Music (with Zalmen Mlotek)

    Commissioned by University of California, Los Angeles

Open the Gates - A Selihot Concert of Renewal with Frank London and


Mikveh: Women’s Yiddish Music Ensemble

Kol Isha: Women in Yiddish in Poetry and Song

In Love and Struggle: Songs of Jewish Labor

The Rose Out of Reach: Jewish Songs of Botany, Love

    and Longing (in Hebrew, Yiddish and Ladino.)

The Memoir of Gluckel of Hameln (Great Small Works Theater)

Queer Wedding Sweet (with performance artist Sarah Felder,

     Frank London, Lorin Sklamberg, Marilyn Lerner)

Selection of Upcoming and Current Projects in 2010